Security and speed ... Closely Linked!

Land Transport

The road transport sector is one of the business assets of Bianchi Group. The headquarters of Novazzano interprets rigorous philosophy indicating safety and speed two of plus essential. A fleet of 40 trucks owned by selected and experienced chauffeurs guarantee prompt deliveries and custom industrial goods and also across Europe. A specific service is bound to trafficking in Italy/Switzerland and vice versa with the addition of daily shuttles to the French, German and Switzerland the different terminal intended for logistics as Montano Lucino.  ADR goods transport, management services also COD, fairs, boutiques and malls in need of tail and returns management.  Constant monitoring of shipments is guaranteed by the service track and tracking.

High Value

It is one of the flagships of Bianchi Novazzano which handles transport for account companies that manufacture and work precious (gold, metals and goods of great value). Ad hoc solutions (intended also to individuals, museums and auction houses) the experience gained over the years through collaboration with many companies in the sector of luxury jewelry. The reliability of safety procedures, in the most delicate (loading, transportation and delivery) are the “guarantee” of the competence of impeccable service. Using the latest gps systems monitored by armored personnel carriers from a central desk in conjunction with law enforcement, armed guards and Vault video surveillance services are also available. “Door to door” service for both domestic and international shipments for all-risk insurance coverage.

Air Transport

The “Plane” is based on the operation but also on thorough knowledge of the laws governing the movement of goods in the world. Import\export service has as reference points the Milan Malpensa, Zurich, Lugano and Agno but can be extended to any other international airport. No call centres; the expedition was entrusted to a mini-staff of dedicated individuals in such a way that you can be always assisted by the same representatives that “make” the transportation from one country to another at all stages of the process. Bianchi Novazzano works with leading airlines and offers several solutions for boarding and with direct air services may offer fast shipping with transit times also by Sun 24 hours.

Sea Transport

Use a container and opt for the sea route is often advantageous in value for money. The concept of traveling must be interpreted well slow speed \ bearing in mind the parameters of volume (cubic capacity) and programming of the expedition. In this view, selects the best business partners for years, shipping companies that offer the most reliable import\export services on the ports of Genoa and La Spezia. As for the “plane” Bianchi Group is following with care every step of the shipping process, from the collection of the goods until you arrive at your destination. The solutions offered are FCL (Full container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load). As AEO certificates agents Bianchi Group is able to perform customs clearance at its headquarters, avoiding long waits at the port and with a significant decrease of the opportunity to visit.

Departures Switzerland / Italy  

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