Historical competence

Bianchi Novazzano for its historical matrix has one of the most remarkable skills in Customs Services. The know how of Chairman Enzo Cantelli, which is forming young employees, it is essential to support practice where the experience and also the interpretive skills of customs laws make a difference. Bianchi Group offers its customers the opportunity to take advantage of an internal Customs Office supported by a qualified team who manages the statements. The staff is also supported by Customs consultants specialized in “treatment” of goods less common. Opera in customs of Malpensa, Genoa, Ponte Chiasso and Como and enjoys the utmost confidence by the Customs authorities who issued the AEO certification. The offer includes customs import/export operations, the customs warehouse, the VAT deposit and practices of ATA carnet.

Switzerland Customs

Specifically, customs operations can be made in: 

  • DDA (Customs Bonded Warehouse)
  • DA (Authorised Consignee)
  • SA (Authorised Consignor)
  • Customs clearance and computerised transit
  • Licensed Customs agents, employees Bianchi Group.

Italian Customs

Bianchi & CO benefits from the experience of custom brokers who operate at the Customs District of Como, Montano Lucino customs-Ponte Chiasso-Como principal. For all goods destined for Italy and exports from Italy, the Bianchi Group performs customs clearance of all kinds using: customs warehousing, customs warehousing ‘E’, domiciled procedures, tax filing TAX (Customs District of Como).


With the opening of the intra-Community Customs, starting from 1 January 1993 the EEC established a system of monitoring of trade within the EEC.

The system called INTRASTAT involves monthly and quarterly reporting of movements of goods and services supplied, to be submitted by electronic transmission to the IRS. Bianchi Group, with its experience and expertise, can submit your INTRASTAT delegated assigned.

Customs Warehouses & VAT

In addition to the many transport and logistics solutions Bianchi Group offers qualified services such as VAT and customs warehouse storage and customs operations and type ‘E’, as well as with the local clearance procedure. The strategy of the Bianchi Group is to create a new customs system that has as its main center of interest “on site” clearance of goods, with the placing of the same the customs warehousing procedure and/or VAT warehouse.  What are?

Vat Deposit

Allows traders outside the EEC to enter goods for free circulation and to resell it on Community territory without obligation to pay VAT material. Customer service is available to facilitate financial consulting, light or heavy, depending on your needs. The VAT deposit is useful for those working in the field of imports outside the EEC, as it allows to import goods without paying VAT materially, and without using the plafond. It is an important tool for companies in tax credit position, which, being able to import without paying the tax, they drastically reduce their credit, for the benefit of corporate liquidity.

Customs Warehouse 

It is intended to facilitate the economic activities through the storage, handling and use of goods. The primary purpose of this tool is to approach as close as possible to the time of payment of duties and internal taxation of release for consumption, avoiding the need to generate cash flow at the outgoing.

The scheme is used to ensure the availability of goods during periods when supply is difficult; specifically, it allows storage without any limitation in time of non-Community goods without the application of the import duties. The export of goods from such deposits can occur with customs clearance of part of the goods, the importer’s needs, with its payment of duty and the possible introduction of the same in the VAT exemption.

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